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How Our Customers Use Callbox Storage

We love to help people think outside the box when it comes to how we can solve different types of storage needs. Long term, short term and summer storage options are available!

Types of Storage

Life happens, and we’re here to be your logistics partner for every step of it. From clearing the clutter in preparation for a new baby, to moving college students into the dorm, to downsizing later in life, or just storing a few things during renovations, Callbox Storage is eager to walk alongside you through it all, always working in the background so you can focus on what matters most.


Spring Cleaning

Want to finally make space for your vehicle in a garage filled to the brim with boxes and other clutter? Callbox Storage can help! It’s a simple process that allows you to reclaim your space without getting rid of everything you own.


Cluttered Room Storage

Cluttered rooms are a thing of the past. Let Callbox Storage do the heavy lifting. We’ll move those random boxes, exercise equipment, or extra furniture into one of our local storage locations. Then, you’ll have the room you need.


Holiday Decorations Storage

Have a ton of holiday decorations taking up space? Callbox Storage can store them 10 to 11 months out of the year when you aren’t using them, freeing up valuable space in your home, garage, or shed.


Downsizing Storage

Downsizing your home doesn’t mean throwing away all of your precious mementos and belongings. Many of our clients need to store things that they don’t want to get rid of entirely but end up taking up a lot of space.


Home Staging Storage

Need to stage your home with specific furniture? You don’t have to give up what you’re used to, or even go the DIY bedroom storage route; store it all with Callbox Storage. As one of the leading full room storage solutions in our space, we can store entire rooms in furniture storage units for you and deliver everything back to you when you need it again.


Life Changes Storage

From children moving away, to marriage or divorce, to working abroad or in the military, Callbox Storage can accommodate storing solutions for any life changes that come your way. As usual, we arrive, pick up the items, inventory them, store them, and then return them to you when you need them. Whether the change is for a few days or even a few years, we can accommodate the situation.


Office and Commercial Storage 

Looking for office or business storage units? Whether you’re moving office locations or need to store extra office furniture, Callbox Logistics can arrange the storage and delivery of company furniture, decorations, and other items.


College Dorm/Apartment Moveouts 

During the summer, college students often return home and move out of their dorms, only to return 2-3 months later. Callbox Storage can pick up the items, store them, and return them when students head back to school. Learn More!


Last-Minute Services 

Need to store something on the same day? Disasters happen without notice. Callbox Storage can help! We’ll get you scheduled for our Callbox Storage Express Services. Give us a call and let us know you need storage ASAP. We can usually arrange same-day or next-day storage services for a small fee.


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