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How Pick Up & Delivery Works

From quote to pick up, storage, and delivery, Callbox Storage is there for you every step of the way.

How Callbox Storage’s Pick Up & Delivery Works

Considering storing your items with Callbox Storage? Wondering how to get your items pick up and delivered back to you? 

The best thing about the Callbox Storage model is that you can continue to add to your storage unit or have items delivered back to you, whenever you need.


Pick Up

Once your appointment is made, we’ll let you know when your friendly Callbox Storage representatives will be arriving to photo inventory and collect the items. All you need to do when our team arrives for pick up is to sit back and relax — we do all the work. After your items are carefully loaded onto our truck, we’ll take them to a secure storage facility.


Storage and Inventory 

Once your items arrive at our storage facility, they are safely stored together in your designated section until you make the request for something, or everything, to be returned back to you. Unlike our competitors, we deliver only what you want, not a whole shipping container full of everything you own (unless, of course, that’s what you want!).



Whenever you want one of your items back, log into your account to request it. We’ll deliver it to you — often as soon as the next day. Interested in trying out the process yourself?

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