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Callbox Storage On-Demand Return

Callbox Storage is here to simplify your life and take the self out of storage. Log in to your account, select the items you want, and arrange delivery.

Get Your Stuff Delivered With Callbox Storage

Let’s assume you’ve stored some items with Callbox Storage, and now you’re ready for some (or all) of them to be returned to you. What do you do? Here’s how the on-demand storage model works.


Log In to View Your Stuff

When you need your stuff back, simply sign in to your Callbox Storage account. This is where you’ll manage all of your Callbox Storage information and request deliveries. Once there, navigate to your stuff and select what you’d like returned. You can get all of it back at once, or just a few things — whatever you need. 


Arrange a Delivery

Once you’ve chosen what you want to be delivered to you, you’ll be able to decide when the delivery should happen. Depending on the time of day, we can even deliver it on the same day for a small upcharge!


Treat Yourself

Once you’ve arranged a delivery date, that’s it. Kick back and treat yourself to a break because Callbox Storage representatives will be on their way with your items in tow. And just like the pickup process, we do all the heavy lifting. We can generally return your items within 24-48 hours. Please allow a little longer for full move-outs of larger units.


Get a Quote for Storage

Complete this form for yourself or your loved one, and we’ll be in touch shortly to deliver a quote and discuss our current offers.

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