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Your full service storage solution is here Tacoma! With pick up and delivery for your home or office, that means you don't have to go to and from your self-storage unit. Callbox Storage takes the hassle out of finding storage near you.

Tacoma - Bellevue - Seattle Full Service Storage & Pick up Service
Tacoma - Bellevue - Seattle Full Service Storage & Pick up Service

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Self Storage with Pick up (and Delivery)

No more trips to your storage unit, get what you need from self-storage, hassle free.

We Pick Up

We handle the heavy lifting, pick up your items, and transport to our secure storage facility in Tacoma.

Callbox Storage will pick-up and catalog your items for storage.

Digital Storage Access

View and request your items from storage instantly with secure online access to your inventory.

Items are stored online and you can request them to be delivered

Request a Delivery

Need something back? Just go online and request it—we’ll deliver, usually within 24 hours.

Callbox Storage will deliver your items back to you from storage

available storage options

We've revolutionized the industry with on-demand solutions that take the hassle out of self-storage with a centrally-located storage center and valet services.
Created with Sketch. 5′ X 5′
A Closet

Perfect storage for small furniture and boxes

Created with Sketch. 5′ X 10′

Enough storage space for large furniture & many boxes

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 15′

Storage for 1-2 bedrooms plus household furniture

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 20′

Storage for 2 bedrooms plus household furniture

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 30′
Full Home

Storage for a 3 bedroom home (up to a 2,400 sf home)

Self Storage vs Full Service Storage in Tacoma

You work smarter, while we work harder. Full service storage means we’ll pack it, create an online inventory of your items, and bring it back when you request it.

Storage Space for Your Items

Climate Controlled Storage Space

Packing Help

Pick Up & Delivery Options

Online Photo Inventory

Only Pay for the Storage You Need

On-Demand Item Return

Why Callbox Storage is Tacoma's Best Full Service Storage

Callbox Storage has Your Needs Covered

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Callbox Storage - Seattle

Located close to the Seattle Airport with climate-control and 24/7 security.

5835 Segale Park Drive C,
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Why People in Tacoma are Switching to Callbox Storage


They did a great job. They came when they were supposed to come and they were totally professional. Most importantly, they were very careful with our stuff. I also liked how they helped us figure out what boxes to use for a few strangely sized items and then provided the boxes at a reasonable price. I would not hesitate to use them again.

- Dan via Google

They came early with plenty of help. Easiest moving experience I’ve ever had. I don’t get why all storage and moving goes this route, but it’s by far the most convenient and arguably cheaper or the same price as a storage unit.

- Taiga via Facebook

Very impressed with CallBox storage! We needed to put our small apartment in storage for a few months until we move to our new home and the thought of renting van ourselves and moving our items into a storage unit was daunting. I was so glad when I found CallBox and saw they will come pick up your items and then store for you. I am so glad we went with this choice! The movers were professional and worked carefully and efficiently. Each storage item was cataloged so I have a list of everything in storage. The website/service is easy to use & customer service when I called is very helpful and informative. CallBox made moving and storing my items so easy and at a better price than if we tried to do it on our own. I highly recommend!!

- Jessica via Google

Self-Storage in Tacoma without the headache

Spaces from Small to Extra-Large | Callbox Storage

Family Storage Solutions

Clutter-free living becomes more complicated as your family grows or downsizes. Make space as you welcome a new baby to the family, move your family to a new home or as you begin downsizing for retirement. The benefit is that Callbox can do all the heavy lifting so you can stay focused on what matters most.

Spaces from Small to Extra-Large | Callbox Storage

Student Storage Solutions

Students at the Tacoma Community College, Pierce College, Highline Community College, or the Green River Community College have come to rely on Callbox Storage as their primary self-storage option for spaces the size of a closet to a full apartment.

Spaces from Small to Extra-Large | Callbox Storage

Business Storage Solutions

If your company needs to temporarily store something or move offices, we’ve got you covered. At Callbox, we service many commercial storage needs that include hotels, senior housing facilities, and other business in the Tacoma area. We also offer inventory management and customer warehousing solutions for commercial storage customers.

See how Storage with Callbox Works

Want to take more hassle out of storage?

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