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Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is Callbox Storage? 

Callbox Storage is a full-service storage company that offers pickup and delivery services. We pick up your items and take them to a safe, climate-controlled facility for you. We’ll photograph your inventory there, so when you’re ready to get it back again, you can select which things you want without the extra hassle. 

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How does Callbox Storage work? 

First, Callbox Storage arrives at your home, apartment, school, or wherever you need us with a vehicle, ready to get to work. Then our team of friendly Storage Professionals picks up your items for storage, inventories all your boxes and furniture items with unique barcodes and photographs every item. Finally, we will gently load everything into the vehicle and transport it to our secure, climate-controlled storage facility. Whenever you want one or more of your stored items back again, log in to your Callbox Storage account, make your request and schedule a return delivery. You can also use the same process to add even more items!

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What locations does Callbox Storage service? 

Currently, Callbox Storage operates in Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin) and Arizona (Phoenix).

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How does Callbox Storage delivery work?

When you’re ready to get some (or all) of your items delivered, log into your Callbox Storage account and select the items you want. Then you’ll schedule a time to have it delivered. You can also call us at (833) WE-STORE (833-236-6079) and we will be happy to assist you.

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Where does Callbox Storage store my items?

All Callbox Storage items are securely stored in one of our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities. These facilities are specially designed for the safe storage of your items and are strictly monitored 24/7. We avoid exposing your items to peaks and lows in temperature and other elements that can cause damage. One of the things that makes it so secure is that only Callbox Storage team members are allowed on the premises, meaning that your items are safe and secure. 

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How do I access my stuff with Callbox Storage? 

To request your items, log into your Callbox Storage account and select the items you want. Then you’ll schedule a time to have it delivered. We always provide the address where your items are stored, even though we only allow Callbox Storage employees to visit the warehouse. 

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