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Full Service Storage or Self-Storage?

Sending items to storage may be a quick way to declutter your home, but it’s not easy work. Just spend a weekend packing and hauling things to a storage unit, and you’ll know there’s no such thing as easy self-storage. For years, if you needed professional help to pack, pick up and deliver, a moving company was your only option. Recent developments brought storage pods to the driveway; but you still have to pack them yourself. The latest innovation, full service storage, uses app technology to provide a convenient solution—professional packing, pick up, storage and delivery.

Storage Space for Your Items

Climate Controlled Storage Space

Packing Help

Free Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Online Photo Inventory

Only Pay for the Storage You Need

On-Demand Item Return

We are Full Service & On-Demand

Callbox Storage provides on-demand and full-service moving and storage services with every plan*, so there’s no heavy lifting. Instead of sending a container, we send professional movers to inventory, photograph, pack and move your items to our secure facility.

We Pick Up Your Stuff

We handle the heavy lifting, pick up your items for free ($400 value)*, and transport to our secure storage facility.

Callbox Storage will pick-up and catalog your items for storage.

Digital Storage Access

Callbox SecureScan technology even lets you view and request your items from storage instantly.

Items are stored online and you can request them to be delivered

Request a Delivery

Need something back? Just go online and request it—we’ll deliver, usually within 24 hours.

Callbox Storage will deliver your items back to you from storage

Full-Service Storage: More Affordable Than You Think

While the cost of storage varies according to where you live, there’s more to consider than the rent. Consider the time and expense of moving your own things to storage. With pick up and delivery on-demand, full-service storage is a smart, cost-effective solution.

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Perfect storage for small furniture and boxes

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Enough storage space for large furniture & many boxes

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 15′


Storage for 1-2 bedrooms plus household furniture

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 20′


Storage for 2 bedrooms plus household furniture

Created with Sketch. 10′ X 30′

Full Home

Storage for a 3 bedroom home (up to a 2,400 sf home)

Self-Storage is the Worst!

We know the struggle is real! Packing, hauling, storing, and finding what you're looking for later? It's a nightmare! That's why we put this totally relate-able photo here!

Self-Storage Facilities

For decades, self-storage was the only affordable option for homeowners. Self-storage facilities range from outdoor garages to indoor lockers and climate-controlled units. Garage units aren’t always weather-tight, so it’s possible for rain and dust to get in and cause damage. Fine furniture and antiques require climate-controlled storage. Their no-frills business model provides customers with extra space, but requires a whole lot of work. Make sure your stored items are carefully protected. 

Storage Pod in your Driveway

Pod storage is another form of self-service storage that offers the convenience of bringing the storage unit to you. Customers do their own packing, and the storage service picks it up. However, if you need a few items, you’ll have to pay for the whole pod to be returned.

Why People are Switching to Callbox Storage


This company is fantastic! They provide a great service for a low price. The staff was very friendly and understanding. I would say… I am very impressed overall with the service provided.

- Dylan via Google

These guys were ON TIME, reliable and professional. They took extreme care with my furniture and were done within an hour! The rates are great! I strongly recommend using Callbox Storage!

- Curt via Facebook

I have used Callbox twice now. They are prompt and professional. They take exceptional care of your belongings. I highly recommend their services.

- Casey via Google

here are a few common questions about Our storage Services

You can find more Callbox FAQs on our site or call us at: (833) 937-8673

Are you remodeling or downsizing? Send extra furniture and household goods to on-demand storage, and have it returned when you’re ready for it. Bring back only the items you need and leave the rest in long-term storage. As your storage size goes down, so does your bill. Plus, you can track it all with Callbox’s convenient online inventory.


On-demand storage is the perfect solution for seasonal items like holiday decor, winter clothes, camping & ski gear, or boating equipment. Store it in the off-season, and Callbox will bring it back when it’s time to use it again.

Spending the weekend searching for a storage unit takes up valuable time. A Callbox contract includes one pickup & redeliver trip every 30 days free, for up to 5 items. Additional trips are as low as $40certainly cheaper than hiring help to dig things out of self-storage. For anyone who has trouble lifting, a pickup and delivery service is a reliable way to hire help. Customers also save by buying only the storage space they need. On-demand storage isn’t more expensiveit’s a smart and very convenient new solution.


If your storage needs change, the real cost of a self-storage unit can add up. Self-storage facilities have limited unit sizes available. If you rent a large unit and only fill it half-way, you’re paying for empty space. Downsize to a smaller unit, and you’ll spend more time and money moving.


With on-demand storage, there are twice as many unit sizes, so you’ll only pay for the volume of your goods. If you need extra storage, simply upgrade your plan and order another pickup. You won’t need to hire help and waste another weekend, saving time and money.

The best part about Callbox Storage is our ability to store your items when you don’t need them, and bring them back when you do. With the help of industry experts, we have developed a platform that enables us to streamline the process of storing your items and bringing them back on demand. You can request a delivery by logging into your Callbox Storage account, selecting the items you want returned, and scheduling a time with a Callbox representative. Yes, it’s that easy! You can also call us at (833) 937-8673 and we will be happy to assist you.

If you’re moving locally, full-service storage with Callbox takes the stress out of relocating. Before you list your home, let our professional staff help you pack. Send everything to storage, or keep enough furniture to stage your home for sale. A 3-month storage contract includes free initial pickup, and a free pickup & redelivery trip (up to 5 items) every 30 days. During the transition you can retrieve things you need, send more items to storage, and save on moving costs too. When your new home is ready, our on-demand storage service delivers to the new address for a reasonable fee. Some charges apply for deliveries of large items requiring two Callbox professionals and deliveries that exceed the maximum allowed per month. For further details, please see our full terms of service.

When shopping for storage services, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much do I need to store?
  • How long will I need to store it?
  • What am I storing – seasonal decor, sports gear, furniture?
  • Will I want to access my things often?
  • Does anything need to be boxed or blanket-wrapped?
  • Will I need to hire heavy lifting help?
  • Do I want to track individual items?

Once you know what your storage needs are, you can compare the costs of self-service vs. full service, on-demand storage. Full-service storage actually costs about the same as renting a climate-controlled, first-floor unit at a self-storage facility. Consider the time and expense of moving your own things to storage. With pick up and delivery on-demand, full-service storage is a smart, cost-effective solution.

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