FF&E Serivces: Dallas Virgin Hotels

When Virgin Hotels announced plans to open a new location in Dallas, we knew we wanted to be involved. Virgin Hotels are known for being innovative and irresistible, and the Dallas Design District offers an upscale environment of luxurious galleries, restaurants, and living spaces. This is only the third Virgin Hotel in the nation, and we were thrilled to be involved.

Callbox provides exceptional commercial FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and OS&E (operation supplies and equipment) installation services to hotels. Our commercial storage and logistics team manages these major projects from start to finish, from planning to delivery and installation.

For the Virgin Hotel project, we provided the inventory, storage, and installation services for the furniture and fixtures of all 268 rooms. We are proud of our team’s excellent efforts and the end result of this major project.

From the sleek and appealing guest rooms to the luxury lounges and gorgeous interiors, Callbox was involved in every step of the FF&E process. We knew this would be a special project, and it turned out to be even more incredible than we could have imagined! When we do this kind of work for hotels, we work to implement and support their vision for each space in the building. We prioritize attention to detail, high-quality workmanship and an efficient timeline.


If you need a logistics, installation or fulfillment partner for your FF&E and OS&E needs, you need to check out Callbox.

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