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Recommendedon Facebook,Aug 12, 2019


AWESOME! The manager took my call the first time and he was great in reassuring me that the guys would show up on time, take over and they would store my stuff without worry! When we moved, AGAIN! to Ellensburg, the manager sent David and his crew to move everything from their trucks to my Penske truck without worry and they were EARLY!!! YAY! David and his crew assured me that they took extreme care of my collectibles and my valuable art! I can't say enough good things about CALLBOX! They are the BEST and Thank you, David and the rest of the guys....YOU ROCK! I am so pleased!

5on Google,Aug 09, 2019


Talked to Kendall today, I absolutely love the concept! Go callbox!!!!!!

5on Google,Aug 09, 2019


Have yet to set up an account with callbox but with the info I received today from kendall I will definitely be setting up one soon!! such a terrific idea

5on Google,Aug 09, 2019


Spoke with Kendall today as I was in the store shopping, I recommend callbox to everyone!!!! great company great idea.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


Absolutely the best service around in the area. Really professional, great communication skills and they make you feel like you're apart of the family. Kendall was a very nice individual and is really knowledgeable about the company. I recommend this service to everyone!

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


This company is so professional and well organized. they literally do everything for you while you do not have to break a sweat!!! Kendall was very patient and nice explaining everything to me, I cannot wait to sign up!!!!

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


Had a pleasant time speaking with Kendall about the benefits I will get with storing my items with this company. I recommend this service to any and everyone!!!!!!

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


Thank you Kendall, I recommend callbox to everyone out there (:

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


I am in absolute awe about this company and how it got started here in DFW. Kendall - a storage professional that works for callbox spoke with me today about the company and gave me great info!!!! I will be opening an account soon.

5on Google,Aug 08, 2019


spoke with Kendall today about callbox storage!!!!! so awesome he is such a nice person I cannot wait to use callbox

5on Google,Aug 04, 2019


This company is fantastic! They provide a great service for a low price. The staff was very friendly and understanding. I would say... I am very impressed overall with the service provided.

5on Google,Aug 02, 2019


Great and easy moving, easiest move I’ve had so far!

5on Google,Jul 31, 2019


They were great and super fast, nice, and helpful!

5on Google,Jul 31, 2019


I had callbox storage come out and put a number of items into storage. Malik and Anthon were the two storage professionals who assisted me with my move. They both were very polite, efficient, and professional. If I could request to work with Malik and Anthon again I would! Callbox has made the ordeal of moving very organized and streamlined and I appreciate it so much!! I also liked how very clear the cost of the move, supplies, etc was explained to me upfront. No guessing game. 10/10 I recommend.