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What to Do With Your Kid’s Stuff When They Go to College

Ask anyone with kids, and they will tell you — there are some weird transitional periods in life where you’re not quite sure what to do with your kid’s stuff. Should you give them an ultimatum to handle it themselves? Should it live in the attic for the rest of time, or should their rooms stay the way they are?

The most challenging time to figure this out is probable when your child is going to college, where they could be spending about eight months on campus and the remaining four (plus a few weekends here and there) at home.

Eight months out of the year is a long time to hold onto things, especially if your children are planning to move out after college. But it’s also challenging because when they do come home, you want them to feel like you haven’t ejected them from your life. So, what do you do?

You could consider a temporary storage solution like Callbox Storage. Instead of taking care of everything yourself, Callbox Storage takes boxes, furniture, and more to store in a secure climate-controlled facility. And whenever you’re ready to retrieve your objects, you can get everything (or just certain things) delivered to you in no time. Not only is it a huge time-saver, but it also puts scheduling in your hands.

Are your children staying in a dorm? Moving everything home and then back to the college again can be a hassle. Instead of making multiple trips or paying for movers (back and forth), you could also use Callbox Storage to store your child’s belongings over the summer and winter holidays. It’s a lot less hectic than moving things back and forth and possibly misplacing essential things.

Whatever transition you’re going through, Callbox Storage is the right solution for you. Check out our pricing and get a free no-hassle quote. There’s no obligation!

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