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Trade Show Exhibits: Storage 101

Trade show exhibits are a vital marketing tool for for B2B suppliers, so it’s crucial that trade show exhibits are maintained and installed in perfect condition. Transportation and storage of trade show exhibits requires complex planning and manpower. Callbox commercial storage and event setup handles the logistics for you – with the expert advice your team needs. Check out our favorite tips on managing your trade show exhibits effectively in Trade Show Exhibits: Storage 101.


After the trade show, what happens to your exhibit? Storing expensive displays at your office, (or in self-service storage) puts them at risk for damage, loss or theft. Trade Show Exhibit Storage provides end-to-end exhibit management that includes secure storage, setup, delivery to trade show locations, and transfer between storage facilities.

Your business invests a lot of time and effort into preparing for a trade show. Custom displays are expensive and often have fragile components like media equipment.


Storing your trade show exhibits locally may seem like a way to keep costs down. However, in the wrong location your displays are vulnerable to damage from water intrusion, dust, or even rodents.

In addition, storage units and garages have extreme temperature swings that dramatically reduce the useful life of your exhibit. Media screens, electrical components, fabric displays and supplies are easily damaged by extreme temperatures.

Discovering that a display is torn, dirty or has broken electronics at setup time is a costly trade show disaster. Callbox’s high-quality commercial storage facilities are designed to protect your valuables from damage.


As a Trade Show Storage specialist, Callbox provides you with inventory management software to maximize your investment. Every item is photographed and accessible in our online database. You choose which items to use, and where and when to ship them – we handle the logistics.

Ship additional display materials directly to our facility for delivery and setup according to your instructions. Order exhibit replacements or upgrades at the end of each show. Callbox will receive them into inventory, transfer them to the correct location, and deploy them at the next trade show.


Professional packing and transporting bulky trade show displays requires training and experience. Each exhibit is unique. Components must be assembled and disassembled carefully, and some may require custom crating.

Most businesses don’t have the staff to handle setup and breakdown of a trade show booth. Packing, storing, and shipping the exhibit to the next location can be a logistical nightmare.

The commercial storage staff at Callbox are experts in full-service Trade Show Storage. Our on-demand display storage system includes setup and take down by our professional packing and moving teams.


Before you contract with a full-service Trade Show Storage provider, confirm the following:

  • Nationwide storage facilities are located in major cities and transportation hubs
  • Professional movers are trained to take apart and re-assemble trade show booth components
  • Custom crate construction available
  • Photographing the exhibit while set up, for future reference
  • During disassembly, noting any damage and retaining connecting clips, screws, etc. for re-use
  • Photographing each item and adding to inventory database
  • Packing fragile items with protective padding
  • Wrapping everything in plastic and moving blankets to protect from dust and scratches
  • Moving the exhibit to a secure warehouse for storage
  • Receiving new or replacement display items; notifying the exhibitor
  • Transferring the exhibit to secure commercial storage, near the next trade show location
  • Keeping components organized for efficient assembly
  • Delivering the exhibit to the booth location
  • Unpacking and assembling the exhibit
  • Removing and storing packing materials for re-use
  • Communicating with the exhibitor’s staff and keeping inventory up to date


Trade show venues have strict rules regarding move-in and delivery, and every show is different. Trying to organize delivery and setup long-distance increases the possibility of things going wrong. However, the expert staff at Callbox work directly with conference centers and trade shows on a routine basis.

For exhibitors, our local teams understand the specific protocols of convention centers and other trade show venues. We make sure our representatives are on-site during the designated hours for moving in and moving out.

For event centers, working with Callbox means maximum efficiency. With fast setup and better use of space, venues can schedule events closer together, increasing profitability.


Callbox’s company warehouses in PhoenixHoustonAustin, and Dallas provide efficient regional storage and transfer hubs. With Callbox warehouses in 21 additional cities, clients can count on our white-glove service from start to finish. Using our network of commercial storage facilities, Callbox can install trade show exhibits on-demand in convention centers, hotels and showrooms in most major metropolitan areas.

Trade Show Exhibit Storage with full-service, on-demand delivery is the ideal solution for every exhibitor. With your display installed seamlessly at each trade show location, your team can focus on making every event a success. Give us a call today at (833) 937-8673 or request a your free online quote here

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