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Think Outside The Toybox – Toy Storage Hacks For Growing Families

May 8, 2019

We’ve decided to think outside the toy box to gather some helpful toy storage hacks for growing families.In a perfect world our kids’ toys would serve as a fun and productive way for them to pass the time and learn to play well with others. In reality, they are often just a mess that you try not to step on (or suck into the vacuum – Sorry Barbie!) Storing and organizing those toys shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming or will never get done. When all the kid gear starts to outgrow your space, these are some ways we’ve learned to simplify and make storage easier on everyone.


Depending on your kid’s interest and hobbies, a “toy“ can be lots of things. These helpful hacks for toy storage are meant to cover them all. From Legos to pop-up tents – Nerf guns to Play-Doh factories. We recommend making a list, or just get everything out in the open, to define what types of toys you have and which are actually getting used.

In this first step, a little purging is usually a good idea to really narrow down what your kids want to play with, and if it’s worth storing at all. Research even shows that toddlers who have less toys learn to focus and play more creatively.


There are three ways you should consider when organizing your kid’s toys for maximum storage effectiveness.


The first one is by size. It makes sense to have small, medium, and large storage options so Goldilocks (ie. your kid) can find a spot that is just right, and more easily clean up after themselves. (Yes, we laughed a little too, but we still gotta try, right? )


The second category should be by use. Putting toys together that are used together makes finding something to play with even easier and there’ll be a lot less “ I’m booored!!” happening.  Kids are more likely to play with things if they can find all the accessories and parts they need. What fun is an easy bake oven without cake mix, am I right?

We recommend using drawer sets with multiple sizes, or drawer inserts to divide the space to the appropriate size. It’s a great way to build flexible toy storage that’s easy to hide when not in use. Another smart option is to use clear plastic bins so it’s easier for kids to see what they can play with. You can label the bins so they know all the trucks go here, and all the coloring books go here, etc. Make a rule for them to only get out 1 bin at a time, so you don’t undo all your hard work.


The third category is indoor vs. outdoor toys. These could be anything from bikes, skateboards, and pool noodles to sports equipment and sidewalk chalk. We recommend having a designated shelf with clearly labeled bins in the garage, or utilizing wall space to get the most storage possible in limited space.


For many families, it makes sense to put some of their toys in a storage unit at different times of the year. When kids are out of school for the summer, they have more time and more need for their toys. For many kids, they’re involved in lots of summer activities and camps, so they use their toys more during the school year. The same goes for seasonal toys. You can store bikes and pool toys all winter and free up lots of space at home – maybe even park your car in the garage!


Rotating toys in and out of storage is a great way to keep the newness alive with your kids’ toys. Changing up the options of what toys are available keeps their minds centered on what they do have, and excited to see their once favorite toys again. When new toys show up on your doorstep, you won’t have to cringe or try to hide your Amazon bill either, because it’s Callbox Storage delivering your toys back to you – for free.


If you’ve ever experienced the supreme joy that is grocery pick-up, then you know the difference a little help and delivery can make in your day. The same applies here. Don’t spend time loading up the car and driving back and forth to a storage unit if you can avoid it. An extra helping hand in the moving and delivery step of your toy storage process takes care of the hardest part for you, and puts you across the finish line to winning Parent of the Year! Just kidding, but you will end up with an organized – easy to clean play area.

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