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Texas Winter Storm Recovery & Restoration Tips

Texas friends in AustinDallasFort Worth, and Houston, we hope you and your families are safe from the storm. Callbox has been in communication with multiple restoration companies and we want to provide some helpful steps of things to consider if you have been impacted by broken pipes and flooding in your home. We caught up with Klark Brown of Restoration Advisors to give you some helpful tips.

  1. Don’t procrastinate! Water damage to your walls, floors, ceiling, etc. can have a long-lasting impact if not handled quickly and properly. In most policies for residential and commercial properties, there is a Duty Clause that requires the policyholder to promptly mitigate issues to avoid secondary damage.
  2. If action is not taken swiftly, and issues develop at a later date such as damage to belongings, mold, wood rot, etc., then those might not be covered by your insurance.
  3. Quickly find a licensed restoration company to aid in the process of determining what is damaged and to guide in the next steps. You may not need to wait for your insurance adjuster as further delays could cause secondary damage. Remember, promptness is the key.
  4. It is important to determine what furniture can be salvaged and what can be kept. Water-damaged furniture such as rugs, upholstered furniture, mattresses, etc. can breed bacteria and mold and often times should be inventoried and photographed (for insurance purposes), and discarded.
  5. Callbox Storage can assist with the pack out and storage of your household items that have not been impacted, so they are not damaged during the repair process. This cost is usually covered by your insurance claim.
  6. FEMA has additional resources available as Texas has been listed as a national disaster. For more guidance from FEMA and to see if you qualify, see https://www.fema.gov/disaster/4586
  7. Contact us if you need any referrals of vendors we are working with in this matter.

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