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What To Do With Your Holiday Decorations 11 Months Out of the Year

Holiday lights, decorative trees, and lawn ornaments, oh my!

If you are like us, you tend to go all out for the holidays. That means lights, speakers (for sound effects and music), an animatronic or two, and maybe even snow machines (okay, that last one might be a little much).

In case you haven’t guessed, decorating our house for the holidays is one of our favorite pastimes, but do you know what we’re not a fan of—storing everything in our garage, attic, or extra closets. Not only does it just sit there for 11 months out of the year, but it’s also a hassle to remember where you put what.

While attic storage might make that slightly more convenient, that comes with a cost – the hope that mysterious attic creatures and pests don’t find a way into your boxes and destroy your holiday goodies. Don’t let the termites, spiders, or mice win!

There’s an easier option to consider when tackling holiday storage during off-seasons – Callbox Storage. We make it easy to store and retrieve boxes, furniture, and even lawn ornaments. Each item is carefully transported to a secure storage facility where it is categorized and made available to request whenever you need it. All you have to do is select which boxes or items you want, and they’ll be delivered to you on time. No more back and forth trips to a crowded storage facility with tons of people doing the same thing.

Callbox Storage lets you skip the line and all the extra work so you can enjoy your holiday decorations without piling on more stress. The holidays are already stressful enough.

Take an extra step out of your to-dos this year by storing your holiday decorations with Callbox Storage.

Check us out! We are in Dallas – Fort WorthAustinHouston, and Phoenix.

Santa for your seasonal storage. 

We pick up, store, and deliver.