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Storage Wars: Stupid Criminals & Self-Storage

The self-storage process is a never-ending and aggravating cycle. You’ve finally found a storage unit close by, now you’ve got to pack up all of your things, haul all of your heavy boxes into your car, and unload all of it into your storage unit. On top of all that, you have to worry about safety. Read more in Storage Wars: Stupid Criminals & Self-Storage.

All the while, you’re wiping sweat off your face and contemplating if you really need all of this stuff.At this point we can all agree, self-storage sucks and there’s no possible way that it could suck any more right? We’re afraid not 🙃 Cue in the stupid criminals!

We’ve all heard about the crazy crimes that happen at self-storage locations and we count our blessings that it’s never happened to us. But what if it did?

Here are 3 insane storage unit crimes that might change your thoughts about renting an un-secure self-storage unit:


A 49 year-old man attempted to burglarize a storage unit in St. Joseph, Mo. After breaking the door of the self-storage unit, it closed and locked him in. An employee on patrol found the door slightly ajar and latched the door shut. Unfortunately for this criminal, he was better at breaking and entering rather than breaking out.


A New Mexico self-storage unit owner was minding his own business grabbing a few things out of storage when he was attacked by a man carrying a wooden baseball bat. Finding anything in his storage unit to fight off the attack, the unit owner scared off the attacker with a hatchet. Police reported that the attacker was yelling at the unit owner about exchanging rude words about his wife. Oh, the things we do to protect the ones we love!


A burglar duo in Bellevue, Washington were taken into custody for being involved in an impulsive scheme of self-storage robberies. Authorities suspect that these stupid criminals robbed homes by day and storage units by night hitting multiple cities such as Seattle, Bellevue, Kent, and Renton. Under further investigation, law enforcement concluded that the duo burglarized up to 20 storage units at a time.

These crime cases prove that storage facilities can’t afford to get away with not having security measures in place. Luckily for you, Callbox Storage isn’t like any other self-storage facility! We’re a full service storage facility that does all of the heavy lifting for you.  

Our non-traditional storage facilities are equipped with the latest security systems for keeping all of you items safe and secure from any stupid criminal. Just think of us as the ultimate protectors of your items that are home away from home!

Better than self storage.

We pick up. We store. We deliver back.