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Storage for Students: The Struggle is Real

Callbox has created an innovative way to rent storage for students. Whether someone is graduating or going home for the summer, it’s common knowledge how inconvenient it can be to move out of a dorm or apartment. Dorms are becoming more and more elaborate, and with added space comes more stuff – or, at least, students feel like they need to fill that space with more stuff. Some students share a tiny room with bunk beds, while others have to furnish a three-bedroom apartment; all on-campus housing is different. 


52% of college students live on campus. That means that over half of all college students are decorating a dorm or apartment every year. When it comes to most public universities, students live in a dorm for one or two years and then move off campus. During the summer, however, students must move all of their belongings out. This is where most people start to panic. If students don’t live in that same city or state, it can be hard to find a place to store stuff. Even if they do live in the same city or state, they must choose where to pile up their dorm room belongings during the holiday. Will they gather it in a corner or closet at home? Deal with the clutter and risk forgetting something when it’s time to move back on campus?


Students have the option to purchase temporary (or permanent) storage space – an affordable and stress-free way to keep valuables and furniture safe for the summer or winter break. It might even be smart to share the storage space with family or friends (or roommates), splitting the cost and providing a one-stop shop for everybody before heading to school next year.

Minimize the go-between and unnecessary energy wasting by taking it all to a single, spacious spot. Places like Callbox Storage offer features like pickup and drop-off for storage itemsFind a storage location or call us at (833) 236-6049 for more info on how they can package and pick up your furniture or decorations at your front door and hold it until it’s move in time again!

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