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Storage 101: 6 Reasons You May Need A Storage Unit

As the New Year approaches, you may find yourself in a situation where a storage unit is a necessity for your season of life. Here are 6 reasons you may need a storage unit and why Callbox Storage can help make all these transitions easier.

  1. New Baby! Perhaps a new baby is coming and you need to clean out some space to get ready. While you may be purging and passing some things on, you may find that a storage unit, even temporarily, can help you organize.
  2. Moving into a new house. When you sell a house or are in between houses, you may find yourself needing a place to store some things items or you may need to store the majority of the items and furniture in your home. Callbox Storage provides storage solutions from a cubby all the way up to storing all the items of a large home.
  3. If you are moving your mom and dad out of their house, into assisted living or settling an estate you will likely find yourself with extra things, not enough time, and in urgent need of a storage solution. During this stressful and often emotional transition time, a storage unit may make your load a little lighter.
  4. Are you headed to retirement and downsizing? A storage unit may be the answer you need as you sift through, downsize, and settle into your new life.
  5. You may have a child in the family getting married and combining items or perhaps you are getting married. Take your time and enjoy the setup process! Utilize a storage unit to give yourself extra time.
  6. Organizing for the New Year – nothing feels better than just purging the house and getting organized again. A storage unit can help in that in between stage as you work toward decluttering! Especially because Callbox Storage provides you with a photo inventory of each of your items so you know exactly what is being stored.

Now that you realize a storage unit can make your load a little lighter this year, choose Callbox Storage as your full service storage solution and skip the headache of going to and from your storage unit. They will pick up for free and transport your things to their storage facility near you. Your items are itemized on your phone so you have a photograph list at your fingertips. When you are ready for something to come back, they deliver it back to you through an online portal request. What could be easier? Give them a call at (833) 236-6049 or visit them online.

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