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Spring Cleaning During the Coronavirus: Taking It Up a Notch

With the arrival of spring, there is always a feeling of newness in the air that makes us want to refresh our homes. That’s what makes the season of spring the perfect time for moving, decluttering and storing extra items that make our homes feel crowded and stale.

Especially now, while we are all social distancing and spending more time at home with our families, it’s the perfect time to make sure your home is orderly and organized and also clean and germ-free—to provide you with a peaceful place to self-isolate and a safe environment for your family.

What better time to tackle all those home cleaning and organizing projects than right now? No matter how big or small your spring cleaning project is, this is the perfect time to ensure you’re living in a healthy space.

Consider breaking down your tasks with our spring cleaning list.


While the CDC states that the main way people contract COVID-19 is by person-to-person transmission, there is evidence that the virus can live on surfaces for a few hours to a few days. This means that sanitizing the surfaces is in your home is crucial to keeping your family well.

You want to go over all the frequently touched surfaces in your home—these are called fomites, and they transmit germs when one person (carrying germs) contaminates this surface and another person touches the surface and picks up the germs.

These surfaces should be cleaned with a cleaner with bleach or a disinfectant—and take special note of the instructions so you use the cleaning product safely and correctly and only on surfaces that can handle that product.

Which surfaces should you clean? Anything that gets touched! Here’s a great place to start:

  • Door handles and cabinet pulls
  • Faucets and handles
  • Remotes
  • Light switches
  • Countertops and tabletops
  • Every surface in the bathrooms, including the toilet and its handle
  • The kitchen sink
  • The microwave, stove, oven, and any buttons, knobs, handles, and surfaces that get touched
  • Your refrigerator and freezer inside and out and the handles and door panels
  • Your phone, tablet, computer and computer keyboard

You may choose to use a disinfecting spray on these surfaces, but you also should clean them with warm, soapy water to remove germs and dirt. Then you can sanitize with a stronger cleaner to kill any remaining germs.

These are preventative measures you should take at least once per day to keep all the high-touch surfaces of your home clean and virus free.

This is also the perfect time to mop floors, vacuum carpets, and wash linens and towels on the hottest setting possible.


One of the top things that should be on your spring cleaning list is to remove old or unwanted clothing from your closet. All of that extra clothing is a major culprit for taking up a lot of space in your home, and with your family at home together for weeks or months this spring, any extra space you can find will be appreciated.

We all are spending so much time at home. If you’re looking for a project to help keep you occupied or to give your days some purpose, what better time than spring cleaning in the age of the coronavirus to tackle your closets?

Consider these thoughts for cleaning out your closet, as penned by fashion-can-transform-your-life guru Stacy London:

  • Group full-length items and on-trend items together. Clothes that are part of your regular rotation should be easy to access; you shouldn’t have to dig for them.
  • You can keep items that you don’t need right now—maybe special pieces or things that you know will come back in style eventually. After all, fashion is cyclical. You might consider storing these pieces in a Callbox storage unit until you need them again. Why give them valuable space in your closet when you can free up space and keep it looking more organized?
  • Let go of pieces that no longer fit or no longer serve who you are now. Don’t keep things that torture you into remembering a smaller pants size or a particular time in your life. We tie up so much emotion in the clothes that we wear—it’s OK to let those things go and accept who you are now.

Run through all the clothes in your closet, and donate anything that you don’t want anymore. You even can donate from the comfort of your own home, without having to go to a donation center or a post office, by mailing your donations here. You can get rid of unwanted pieces and donate them to someone who can use them, and you still get to stay home, flatten the curve and keep your family safe. It’s a win-win.

With your leftover wardrobe, consider storing things you won’t need in spring or summer in a storage unit. This will give you more space in your closet, leaving you feeling refreshed.

A tip? Consider storing clothes you don’t need right now in a box that has a hanging rod. You will thank yourself for keeping your clothes looking good the next time you need them.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spark joy and tackle your to-do list with our free resource!


Extra “stuff” has a way of accumulating in the garage. Almost anything that doesn’t have a home somewhere inside ends up in the garage. Plus, the kids have bikes, scooters, skates, sidewalk chalk, soccer balls, cleats and more. Add your spring and summer landscaping tools to the mix, and you’ve created an over-cluttered space.

While we can’t visit with friends or hang out in a coffee shop right now, we can work in our gardens and get all the benefits of spending time outside in the sunshine working in the soil. A clean and organized garage also makes it easier for your kids to find the right outdoor toys to burn off all that extra energy by playing outside.

You can store off-season sports equipment or those random items that don’t have somewhere to go in a Callbox storage unit until you need Callbox to deliver it back later in the season, helping you keep your garage decluttered and ready to take on spending a season at home.


If your kids are working on e-learning assignments, they’ve got devices, books, school supplies and notebooks all over the house—on top of the toys, books and video games that are already crowding your home. They’re trying to do school work on the kitchen table, you’re trying to work from home.

Everyone brought home all kinds of things to stay productive during these uncertain times: work, extra computer monitors, school books. It can start to feel crowded without designated work-from-home spaces for everyone in the family.

There’s no need to keep extra unnecessary items in your home, especially if you feel like you and your family are right on top of each other in your house while you practice social distancing and all try to be productive in the same few rooms.

This might be the perfect time to store old toys, unused or nonessential furniture, or extra items that can make a space feel cluttered so that you can create tranquil work-from-home spaces for everyone in your family instead. You can find room for a virtual learning space for your kids and a work-from-home space for you by storing the things you don’t need right now.

If everyone has their very own workspace, they have a place to be productive and a place to escape, and you can keep frustration to a minimum.

Store all of those extra household items in a storage unit, and make more room for your family to share space and get work done all under one roof.


No matter how deep you decide to take your spring cleaning, it’s a lot of work … but the reward of having a more fresh and decluttered home is well worth it—especially when it looks like we will be spending more time at home.

Let Callbox do the heavy lifting during these uncertain times. Give us a call at (833) 937-8673, or get a free quote online here!