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Keeping Safe & Healthy in the Houston Real Estate Market

Are you making a move to the Houston Real Estate market? The headaches of moving never seem to end, do they? In fact, anyone who has ever moved has probably made the statement, “I am never doing this again.” And that was before we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic.

But life happens. Moving becomes inevitable for many of us, and there sometimes isn’t time to wait for the perfect time.

If you’re in the Houston area and you’re facing a move, don’t let the process overwhelm you. Here are some of our best moving tips to help you along in your process.



A lot of things may be “on hold” right now, but Maggie McFarland with Pearland Home Team knows that real estate is one of those things that can never be on hold. That’s why Maggie is committed to serving you and your needs safely and professionally.

  • To ensure a healthy approach to home buying and selling in the Houston area, Maggie is ensuring:
    Continuous updates with lenders and title companies to keep updated on developing news and guidelines
  • The practice of social distancing in all needed in-person interactions
  • In-person home showings for purchasers only

In addition to these guidelines, Maggie and her team are also fully mobile, able to do most transactions through web conferencing and other online applications. Contact Maggie to see how she is ensuring your safety all while making sure you have the best real estate experience Houston has to offer.


The global pandemic we find ourselves in has been a game changer across the globe and in just about every aspect of life. Real estate has certainly not been immune. The good news is that real estate in Houston was in a really good position prior to COVID-19, and it can stand to take a hit and still survive. That said, there are some changes to the process of buying and selling a home that you need to be aware of:

  • Securing a mortgage may take a little more time and patience due to mortgage companies working closely with families financially hit by the pandemic having trouble paying their mortgage. They’ll need your patience to secure your own for your new home.
  • Your mortgage company may review your employment situation, income sources, credit, and debt a little more closely due to the pandemic’s impact on the economy.
  • In person viewing of your home or your prospective home may be switched to a virtual viewing or may require that you prove you’re a serious buyer with a pre-approved mortgage.

Everything is a little slower right now in the selling and buying process, but it isn’t impossible! In fact, it can be pretty painless as long as you know what you’re heading into.


Houston is coming off a record-breaking year for single-family home sales, which means you have some competition when it comes to selling your home. To set yourself apart from the rest, make sure your home has been updated in all the right places. What tends to be dealbreakers for potential buyers? Bathrooms.

A well-done and cost-efficient bathroom remodel could increase your home value and make buyers more interested in a competitive marketplace. With the possibility of potential buyers not being able to tour your home personally, making sure the look of your home is updated as much as possible has never been more important. The “charm” you may feel in your home might not translate as easily to a virtual tour.


Whether a potential buyer is touring your home virtually or in-person, giving them a blank slate to imagine their own belongings and lives there is huge. That means you should always get rid of enough of the personal touches of your life that they can picture their own.

Callbox Storage in Houston can make that happen for you quickly and easily. Our moving experts can help you pack up your clutter and personal belongings, inventory them electronically, do the heavy lifting for you, and drive them to one of our climate-controlled storage facilities in Houston.

Once at the facility, they are accessible to you. Need something you packed away? Consult your electronic inventory and we can deliver your item back to your home.

Once you have your house depersonalized and decluttered, a potential buyer can envision their lives there easier, making them jump quicker at the sale. Once you’re ready to move into your new home, Callbox can take your stored belongings straight there to make your new home yours with all of your personal touches. Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you and your family with our full service storage services.


Hey honey, where did we pack the __(insert lost object here)__?” Does this sound familiar? Normally you’ve got everything organized and in its place, but when it’s time to pack and move, things have a way of getting lost in the shuffle. Talk to the professional organizing experts at Eco Modern Concierge. They’ll help you get organized before your move and then help you stay organized when you’re in your new house. Using Zoom or FaceTime, the team at Eco Modern will walk through what your needs are and help you get organized!


One of the biggest hassles of moving is dealing with utility shut-off and turn-on, all things that require hours on the phone only to be transferred and disconnected. Once you find utility companies for your new home, how do you know you’re getting the best deal without having to spend even more time on hold to price-compare?

Let us introduce you to Homeswitch, a one-stop shop that can help take all of those phone calls off your plate. Homeswitch can price-compare internet and cable, home security providers, and even cleaners to make sure your home is sanitized and ready for your family to move in safely. Homeswitch will coordinate all of your new home hook-up appointments for you and keep your move on track and headache-free.

Just one call to Homeswitch, and you can take one big thing off your mind.

We know moving is stressful. Moving during a time of global uncertainty reaches beyond “stressful” entirely. Here’s some good news, though: Callbox and Homeswitch have your back. From moving you out of your old home to making sure you’re moving into a fully safe and secure new one, we can help make your move in Houston more bearable. 

Never set foot in a storage unit again.

We pick up, store, and deliver.