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‘Huge Uptick In Business’ Has Storage Units In Short Supply In DFW

For many North Texans, the last couple of weeks have been one problem after another and now, some dealing with flood damage say they’re having a hard time finding storage units.

Lake Highlands homeowner Matt Troutt has experienced this firsthand. For him, it started with a leak.

“The water was actually coming out from the ceiling and then when I came into the house there was actually about four inches of water on the floor,” Troutt said.

He quickly started to move and stack his belongings.

“The second the house flooded we were just scrambling knowing that probably every one on our block was having the same problem,” he said. “Ordering a temporary storage unit seemed like a good idea so that’s what we did, but here we are a week later and we still don’t have it.”

He says across North Texas, there’s a demand for storage units.

Locally owned Callbox Storage, which picks up, stores, digitally indexes items and delivers them, is seeing this firsthand.

“There’s a huge uptick in business we’ve experienced,”https://callboxstorage.com/ COO Johnnie Akin said. “A lot of folks have experienced issues with their homes.”

In the last couple of weeks they’ve seen a 35% increase in inquiries.

Employees are now working extra hours and weekends to keep up with demand.

“I think finding options quickly and probably getting someone to help you with the moving is important,” Troutt said.

“It’s very important to just get all that stuff out of there so the work can begin because the longer it sits there the longer the damage continues to further,” Callbox Storage employee Taylor Stewart said.

Troutt is working to get through this process as quickly as possible. His family is temporarily staying at a short term rental and estimates they’re looking at a six month to one year timeframe for repairs.

“It is certainly going to be a headache trying to work through the process, but everybody is doing well and that’s what matters,” he said.

This post originally appeared on CBSDFW.com

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