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Holiday Decor Storage & Delivery Tips

As the holiday season draws to a close, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the seasonal decorations you now have to take down and repack. You may need some good holiday decor storage and delivery tips in this article. If you’ve added new items to your collection, it can be difficult to figure out where you have space for it all. But don’t fret! Check out this guide for making holiday decor storage easy.


First comes what may be the most tedious part: packing. Before you even start the tearing down process, take a photo of everything as it is so you know what you have and how you’ve displayed it previously. These photos will serve as a reference next year, so you can simply unpack the boxes in the right rooms and make the entire process easier.

Once you start removing decorations, decide what items are worth storing. If something is broken or dirty, take care of fixing or cleaning that first, then store. But don’t waste space on items that are not worth redeeming.

Also be sure to label everything as you pack. This will help you identify what you have next year and prevent the annoying moment when you have to open every single box to find one particular thing. Grouping items together also helps, and the next few tips are for storing specific items.

  • Ornaments – store these in clear, plastic containers according to how you decorate. This could be by color, by design or by room. If you want extra protection for these fragile objects, you may want to use foam packing envelopes for each item.
  • Lights – store lights on a durable reel to avoid the tangle you’ll get by just placing them into a box. Don’t forget to check for any dead bulbs before storing!
  • Wreaths – store these in containers specifically made for wreaths in order to avoid crushing them in storage. These containers also work well for garland, a nice bonus.
  • Trees – there are a couple options for storing artificial trees. Using a protective tree back is probably the most efficient method and allows you to store the tree, lights and all, as one piece. This requires, however, enough vertical space. If you don’t have that, wrap and label each part and store them in a bin.
  • Gift Supplies – store all of your holiday gift supplies together rather than letting it mix with those needed for birthdays or other special occasions. Use clear stackable bins with cup inserts to store items like ribbon, bows, tissue, gift tags, etc. Store wrapping paper either flat in under-the-bed boxes or upright up using floor bins.

For other items, such as stockings or tree skirts, store them in containers or vacuum-sealed bags. Fragile items can be stored in stackable china storage cases or wrapped tightly in foam packing sheets before placed into a container. All of these bins can also be labeled by room or decoration.


Holiday decorations only come out once a year, so it may be annoying to have their boxes taking up space in your home. Consider renting a storage unit instead to avoid wasting space that could be used on more regularly utilized items. This can be a great option if you need to store lawn ornaments, artificial trees, lights and other decorations that take up a lot of space. If this sounds like a solution for you, here are some tips for picking the right unit.

  • Unit size – depending on your level of holiday cheer, you may need more than a standard storage unit.
    • A 5×5 storage unit should be more than enough room for the average person storing their holiday decorations.
    • If you are someone who likes to light up the entire house, you may want to opt for a medium-sized unit, such as a 10×10 or 10×15. These sizes will help you store everything you’ll need to get the job done, including 250 strands of lights.
    • If you’re the type of person who goes all the way and has all of the lights, lawn ornaments and the entire house decked out, you can rent a 10×20 or 10×30 storage unit for your holiday decorations, which is about the size of a single-car garage.
  • Climate control – if you have old or homemade decor that may be damaged by extreme temperatures, a climate controlled unit may be for you.
  • Security – if you have decorations that have a lot of monetary or personal value, choose a storage facility that has great security features, like alarmed units and video surveillance.
  • Location – self storage offers indoor and outdoor options, so you’ll want to pick one that best suits your needs.
  • Interior – an indoor facility will better protect sensitive decorations, like glass ornaments or antique décor. It will also provide more security, as there are more doors to get through to get into the unit in the first place.
  • Exterior – an outdoor unit allows for drive-up access, which is great if you plan to store other items that you will be moving in or out constantly. External access storage units are also generally less expensive than their internal counterparts.

PRO TIP: A 5′ x 10′ storage space should be perfect for all of your Christmas decoration storage needs.

A storage unit is a great option for getting seasonal decor out of your home and kept in a safe place. It can be tedious getting everything ready to go and then taking it to the facility, though, which is why you may want to consider a full service storage company, like Callbox Storage.


The work associated with self-storage can include packing boxes, figuring out transportation, loading the vehicle (which you may have had to borrow or rent), unloading everything and moving it all into the facility. All of that hassle may persuade you to allow those boxes of decorations to waste space in your home instead, but there is another option. A full service storage company uses app technology to provide a convenient solution—professional packing, pick up, storage and delivery. Finally, you only pay for the space you are using. Unload half your decor in November for the holidays? Great! Then you save a bit on space and never pay for what you don’t need! 


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