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Father’s don’t need to carry (or move) the weight of the world


June is the month most known for celebrating Father’s Day and Men’s Health, but it’s also peak moving season but fathers don’t need to carry the weight. These all go hand-in-hand, because dads are often called upon for heavy lifting and moving. Despite their ability to do it all, fathers everywhere need to take care of themselves by keeping a few best practices in mind, including  knowing when to ask for help.


……for the lower back. It’s also best to do some stretches for your lower back before you start moving heavy loads. We understand that it’s not always possible to make a couch lighter, but you can make moving it go smoother. Having the appropriate amount of help, even if that means four smaller hands, can really do wonders for the lower back.

Also, when possible, have things shipped. If you’re ordering new furniture, go the delivery route. It will cut down on time, stress, and the physical toll if you have it delivered straight to your destination. Plus, they’re trained professionals and can likely do it more efficiently anyway!


Carrying heavy items uses different muscles than lifting heavy things. Think about it; the movement of carrying a heavy box to the car is a more complicated movement than picking up a weight and setting it back down. The objects are generally more awkward and not made with moving in mind, so each step takes re-commitment, re-bracing, and determination. Be sure to take it slow and remember, form is more important than speed.


Before starting the moving process, make things more seamless by having all the essentials prepared. That means having tape, a box cutter, measuring tape, newspaper, and plenty of boxes on hand. For large pieces of furniture (if you’re doing the move yourself), have large plastic wrap to help prevent damage. Nothing is more frustrating when you’re ready to start moving than a last-minute trip to the hardware store.

Similarly, if there’s something you’re building for the new place, try to accomplish that beforehand, as you’ll need to be sure it’ll fit the space. Not only that, but after the move, you’ll be in no mood to build something too.


When moving, it’s easy to become stressed and even argue with one another. After all, your uncomfortable and often in pain during this process. So, while this mental state is understandable, it’s also important that the family practice calmness throughout the move. A great way to do that is by having cool beverages and snacks on hand to keep energy and spirits high.


Fathers can’t be expected to fix or lift everything. Find the right help, whether that means movers or storage providers. At Callbox Storage, our full service storage solutions mean we cut out the back-and-forth and heavy lifting of all your excess belongings by picking up your items, organizing them into storage, creating a photo catalog of your items, and delivering upon request. In other words, we’re on your team.

If you would rather throw a football than throw your back out, get started with Callbox Storage!

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