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Callbox Storage Delivers Joy During the Holidays

Getting into the holiday spirit, callbox storage delivers joy during the holidays, the call center reps at Callbox Storage were asked to help someone in need this holiday season. Here’s their story:

We were given a budget by our CFO and told we could use that amount to help any person in need. We looked at different charities located throughout the Metroplex to see where our money could do most and thought a toy donation would be the best route. Also, by combining our budgets, we were able to make a larger donation to one organization.  

After doing some research, we decided to purchase toys for the kids at Children’s Health Hospitals. We couldn’t think of anything worse than being in the hospital, dealing with injury or illness, and not being able to celebrate togetherness with family and friends. On top of that, parents may be overwhelmed with the stress and the financial burden of having a sick child. All these things would certainly take the fun out of the holiday season for kids and their parents. We have fantastic memories opening our presents on Christmas mornings, and we thought if we could bring a moment of joy for children in much tougher positions than us, then buying toys was a no brainer.

We took our combined budget to Walmart with a list of great toys, and  were able to get everything on our list and more. We purchased over twenty-five toys from footballs, soccer balls and board games, to action figures and barbies. We made sure we got a wide assortment to ensure kids got something they would truly want and enjoy. Based on the pic about, we think we nailed it!

Immediately after leaving Walmart, we dropped off the toys at the Children’s Health Hospital in Plano. We were met by an extremely friendly lady at the front desk who we talked to for a bit, and who thanked us for bringing in the toys to the hospital. She directed us to a giant wooden present in the lobby that was around a quarter full of previously dropped off donations (There’s still room for others to donate…hint…hint). After loading our items, we were on our way hoping that when these kids receive their gifts they will bring them that same joy we got on Christmas morning as we opened our gifts. There’s no greater feeling than helping others. This is the season for giving and we appreciate being given the opportunity to help others.  Please take a moment to thank or help someone during this holiday season.


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