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The Best Moving Solutions: Start to Finish

When moving day arrived for blogger/influencer Elena Davies (@elenadavies), she was ready. Having partnered with a crew of specialized professionals, the whole process—start to finish—was easy, breezy, lemon squeezy.

For starters, she hooked up with Callbox Storage (@callboxstorage), which picked up, stored and delivered all of her belongings. She also partnered with Valerie Wood, owner of Neat Method Frisco (@frisconeat), to make unpacking and setting up in her new home a breeze.


Callbox’s free storage pick-up service means no more hauling heavy boxes that are awkward to carry. It will pick up, load and transport your items to a secure, climate-controlled facility, all free of charge.

At pickup, Callbox also will photo inventory all of your items and upload them to a dedicated online portal. That way, when you’re ready to request an item, you can do so with the click of a button. This free, on-demand service means you never have to step foot inside a storage unit again.

Think about it. No more dealing with a flood of boxes straight off the moving truck, which may or may not have been labeled correctly in the moving flurry. Instead, you can review photos of items and request boxes to be delivered when you’re ready for them. The days of hunting for kitchen utensils in a sea of boxes are over!

Callbox offers spaces from small to extra-large to meet the needs of any situation. And this service is perfect for those in need of a temporary storage space while in transition between their old home and the new one, whether the timeline is in weeks or months.


Neat Method is a luxury home organizing company with locations across the U.S. and Canada. Neat Method Frisco (@frisconeat)—which services Far North Dallas and surrounding areas—has partnered with Callbox to offer a comprehensive moving solution.

It will help you with pre-move prep and also will help manage the logistical processes that come with a move (which often can feel overwhelming).

And once you’ve landed on the other side, a Neat Method consultant can help you unpack and organize your spaces to bring order to the chaos of a move. It will help you come up with customized solutions to your specific needs resulting in organized spaces that also happen to be beautifully appointed.


Callbox and it’s partner, Neat Method Frisco, is a full-service solution that makes moving and storage a cinch. With Callbox, you pay for only the space you need, and the photo inventory feature is a game changer when it comes to having the right boxes delivered at the right time.

Callbox takes the hassle out of self-storage with pickup, storage and delivery. Click below to get your FREE quote started!

Never set foot in a storage unit again.

We pick up, store, and deliver.