4 Simple Ways Self-Storage Can Lengthen the Life of Your Pool Accessories

4 Simple Ways Self-Storage Can Lengthen the Life of Your Pool Accessoriesのアイキャッチ
  • Summer is fleeting and before you know it, it’ll be time to pack up your pool area and store it for the coming winter months. It may seem simple, but if you don’t prepare and store your pool items correctly, they could become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, or a makeshift home for woodland creatures. Here are some tips for storing your poolside accessories.

  • Properly Store Pool Toys and Floats

    Pool toys and floats are easy to forget about, but if you want them to last until next summer it’s important they are cared for and stored carefully. Since pool toys spend most of their time wet, they are susceptible to mold and bacteria build up. After collecting and deflating your pool accessories lay them in the sun to dry. Be sure to occasionally turn them, to make sure all sides/areas get dry before backing them away. Once they are dry, fold them carefully and put them in storage.

  • Prioritize the Pool Furniture

    Similar to the pool toys, pool furniture should also be thoroughly dried before being stored at the end of summer. Aluminium, steel, and wicker furniture should be sun-dried and stored inside to avoid cracking during the winter months. Wood furniture should be left out and uncovered to make sure moisture isn’t trapped inside.

  • Don’t Forget the Furniture Accessories

    Like pool toys and floats, furniture accessories will also need to be thoroughly dried prior to storage. This includes items like pillows, covers, cushions, and any other fabric that could get moldy if stored wet. Lay all of the items in the sun and occasionally turn them over/around for a good drying. Now they’re ready for storage!

  • Remember the Grill

    The grill needs to be cleaned and prepared for storage or non-use just like the rest of your pool items. An uncleaned grill is breeding ground for mold/bacteria growth, and also attracts creatures seeking shelter from the elements, so a thorough cleaning is paramount. Be sure to clean out any food and other debris, as well as empty out the drip pan. Use a grill brush to clean the cooking grates as best as you can. Grills generally don’t need to be brought inside, but if you chose to bring it indoors leave the propane tanks outside. Remember to never store a propane tank indoors!

  • These tips should help keep your pool toys, furniture, floats, and grills safe as you prepare for the fall and winter months. But if you are out of room for storage, Callbox Storage is always available for additional storage.