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Read the Callbox Storage Blog to get helpful storage tips on downsizing, packing, moving, and more.

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Room Renovation Ideas for an Empty Nest

Aug 10, 2022
Have you been putting off some much needed room renovations? If you have a kid going to college this August, you may have the extra room to do just that! Don’t get me wrong, when a child leaves the nest for the first time, it’s always bittersweet, but depending on your arrangements, you might find […]

3 Easy Organization Tips to Reduce Clutter When You Move In Together

Mar 4, 2022
GETTING MARRIED OR JUST MOVING IN TOGETHER DOESN’T HAVE TO BE TRICKY Even though there are so many exciting things about taking the next step in a relationship by getting married and combining households, there are some challenges too. Both of you have to get used to those quirky traits that the other person has, […]

Tips For Storage Needs From Life Change

Jan 17, 2022
Life changes can be exciting, frustrating, and hectic. Whether it’s the kids going off to college, a change in a relationship, or an unfortunate death in the family, life changes tend to involve a laundry list of to-dos (and sometimes literal laundry). Change can be scary, but fortunately, there are support systems in place to help […]

What To Do With Your Holiday Decorations 11 Months Out of the Year

Dec 29, 2021
Holiday lights, decorative trees, and lawn ornaments, oh my! If you are like us, you tend to go all out for the holidays. That means lights, speakers (for sound effects and music), an animatronic or two, and maybe even snow machines (okay, that last one might be a little much). In case you haven’t guessed, […]

Full Service Storage vs. Self Service Storage

Nov 8, 2021
Are you thinking about storing something? Whether it’s a few boxes or an entire room’s worth of furniture and miscellaneous stuff – there are plenty of options available for you. The biggest problem is deciding which solution fits your specific needs. Let’s look at two storage options: self-service and full-service, to see which is most […]

What is Callbox Storage?

Oct 1, 2021
Have you ever wondered what to do with furniture , holiday items , or other miscellaneous items you need to keep but don’t want to take up space for the entire year? Sure, you could rent a moving truck, load it up and take a few trips to a storage facility you rent out. (Oh, […]

What to Do With Your Kid’s Stuff When They Go to College

Aug 23, 2021
Ask anyone with kids, and they will tell you — there are some weird transitional periods in life where you’re not quite sure what to do with your kid’s stuff. Should you give them an ultimatum to handle it themselves? Should it live in the attic for the rest of time, or should their rooms […]

What to Do With Your Furniture When Getting New Floors

Jul 14, 2021
Is it time to pick a home improvement task and channel all your pent-up aggression, excessive energy, or unspoken resentment into a healthy hobby. This year, one of the most trending home makeover projects is replacing floors, whether that be upgrading old carpets or getting lovely wooden floors put in. A home improvement project is […]

‘Huge Uptick In Business’ Has Storage Units In Short Supply In DFW

Mar 4, 2021
For many North Texans, the last couple of weeks have been one problem after another and now, some dealing with flood damage say they’re having a hard time finding storage units. Lake Highlands homeowner Matt Troutt has experienced this firsthand. For him, it started with a leak. “The water was actually coming out from the […]