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What is Callbox Storage

Learn about Callbox Storage, our history and how we started providing moving, storage, and commercial services.


About Us

The origin of Callbox Storage traces back to 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Our founders, Kyle Bainter and Dan Slaven had a goal — to overcome the all-too-common moving challenges and simplify the storage process for customers. 

During a remodel of his home, Kyle Bainter was not looking forward to spending 90% of his day carrying items out to his vehicle, loading it up, driving to a nearby self-storage location, and unloading them again. But at the time, there wasn’t another option, so he decided to sell his stuff instead. But during this process, a unique business idea came to his mind.

Kyle and Dan shared a mutual passion for improving the self-storage experience, and both knew there was a better way to approach it. That’s when they arrived at the idea to offer a service that will come to consumers and pick up their items for them, something they call “off-site storage.” And just like that, the worst parts of self-storage suddenly disappeared. No more back and forth. No more sacrificing your entire day. Now there’s a service that does it all for you — Callbox Storage.

Our History

Although we’re a young company, we’ve moved quickly and have made major strides to get where we are today. Take a look through some of our big milestones, and know that we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface in the storage and moving space.

where we are today

Expansion and Getting Into Logistics 

We are proud to support company moves, hotel and senior living installations, and commercial storage and warehousing through Callbox Logistics. Callbox Logistics is part of a nationwide network that enables us to provide commercial logistics services throughout the continental United States. We have a strong track record of exceptional service in not only the residential space with Callbox Storage, but also on the business and commercial side with Callbox Logistics.

Callbox Storage Today 

Callbox Storage is proud to be headquartered in the city where we opened our first location — Dallas, Texas. Through hard work and perfecting our technique, we’ve expanded from a small handful of innovators to a team of nearly 100 passionate, customer focused professionals, in just five years.

Meet the team

David Gross
Chief Executive Officer
Tasso Ziebarth
President of Callbox Logistics
Michelle Hoffman
Chief Marketing Officer
Jeremy Hankins
VP/Finance & Administration

Our Awards

Award Wreath

Dallas 100 Fastest Growing Companies in North Texas 2021

Award Wreath

Ranked #21 Dallas 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Award Wreath

Finalist 2019 Entrepreneur of the year in DFW

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